Update getting close?

We must be close to getting the next up date? They seem to consistently release updates about every two months from what I can see.

They have been tracking for every 6-8 weeks for an update release. I know that they are working on it now. No public announcement from them at this time on what is included. :slight_smile:


I do not mind to wait an extra month even, if they are going to address some of the problems/issues with Emo that have been mentioned in the forum. Hell, I would even forgo some of the fancy “bells and whistles” that they usually add, if they were to fix the important issues. I might even end up keeping the little guy. :grin:


I think the challenge will be… that what you think should be in the next update, vs what I think should be, vs what the next guy thinks are all different priorities.

Time will tell. It would be sad for you to give him up, but if you do let me know and I might buy him off you :slight_smile:


Yes agreed, there will be EMO owners who might like the next update and then there might be others who won’t in the end, it’s always impossible to keep everyone happy.

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