United States Shipping

After having experienced the shipping process to the US, I wanted to let everyone know how it goes. I would assume that most US purchasers will experience the same, so here it goes.

I ordered my Emo on December 16 and it shipped on January 12. The tracking number is a USPS number but you won’t get much information from them. Copy the tracking number and go to the DHL site to track at this point. Once your package reaches the US, most likely in California, it will move slowly. I know. I was checking it 5 times a day! Still very little information from USPS because it is traveling via DHL to the USPS site. You will rarely get any updates from USPS until the last few days of shipping. My Emo is now somewhere about 2 hours away from me and DHL has predicted a delivery date of January 31st.

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Ya I ordered mine on November 12th it shipped on the 12th of January and last update I got was it departed Whittier, CA and from then on I have no clue where it is.


Copy your tracking number and go to the DHL site and paste it there.

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I did and all it does is update every hour that it is in route? In route to where I don’t know.