Unable to connect to app server

New EMO unable to sync photos can not connect to app server

Same problem when applying stickers

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Both EMO and Home are connected to 2.4Ghz wifi and they do not connect to app server

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I have the same issue actually, but no matter what I do it just keeps failing.

I Also Had The Same Problem In January 2023,
Whenever I Try To Sync The Photos It Says: “Failed To Connect To App Server”
Luckly, The Issue Or Bug Is Fixed On My Side In The US.

If anyone is having a problem you can try the following steps: (should resolve the issue)

Normally this sometimes happens when Your phone changes its IP address (from your home Wi-fi router / or if you have been out and you were using your Phone’s Internet / or a portable wifi modem.

  1. Turn off Wifi and Bluetooth on your Phone
  2. Power OFF your Phone
  3. Power Off EMO
  4. Power Cycle your Home Wifi-Router

Now bring everything back on again.

  1. Power On Home Wifi-Router
  2. Power On the Phone (then turn on both Bluetooth and Wifi) - Try and browse the internet to make sure that is working.
  3. Power ON EMO
  4. Start the EMO APP and try either Photo Sync or accessing the sticker function once again.

This should hopefully fix the problem. Sometimes being on a different network can cause this issue.

If this doesn’t work, see if you can use a different device (like an iPad) or another Phone (Android or iPhone) and see if it also gives you the same communication with the server error.

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Hey @MasterAbbott, I Turned Off EMO And Turned Him Back On And That Fixed The Issue

Hey @artigues05emo

Yes sometimes a simple power cycle will fix everything, but if it doesn’t then try the abovementioned steps.

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Turns out that VPNs also cause issues, so turning that off fixed the issue for me. I just didn’t want to leave that out.

Yes, that is the same as having a different IP address as you are on VPN. (as explained in my original post - see part of th section below).

The best thing is always to go back to your Home Network before trying to do specific things with EMO in the EMO app.

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