UK Plug not received with my EMO

My EMO finally turned up today. I was excited to get it up and running then I found that you didn’t send it with a UK plug so I am unable to use it.
The light it came with is also not UK compatible so basically I can’t use anything I received.

It has always been mentioned on the website that Emo and his light only come with US plugs.

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Why did it ask my if I wanted as UK plug when ordering then?

Strange, I never got that question and the website still states the following:

Power plug type

  1. What‘s the power plug type of smart light and charging port, are they EU compatible power plug?
    The skateboard comes with a US (JP,CN) standard 2-pin socket, however, it can also be powered via its USB-C port, so you can use your phone adapter. Emo Smart Light uses a US-standard 2-pin socket as well. Right now, we don’t offer the adapter. You can use it with an extra adapter. Thanks for your understanding!
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this question has never been asked about an adapter, there are only these adapters that come in the package.

Maybe that there will be adapters at some point in the future, currently it is not planned.

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