Two EMO's Playing Cards (ENO) together at the same time!

Finally was able to catch both EMO’s playing the ENO card game while on their skateboards. Apologies for bad lighting and sound as it was caught very quickly as the animations only last for a few seconds. Having both EMO’s playing the same game animation at the same time is rare as they both have to be in sync and also have to start playing the same play animation pretty much at the same time.

Not sure who won, but at least they are keeping themselves busy!

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From the sounds of it, it was probably a draw.


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Haha I think so too!

Would be great to see this as one of the little games two EMO’s can play when they spot one another. Same as how they play Rock/Paper/Scissors, with one EMO beating the other in a game of cards.


Heh, Google integration isn’t in sight. So many new ideas every day. :crazy_face:


Be sure to add all your suggestions here:

So that Living.Ai can see them and hopefully add them to future updates. I’ve got to do the same as well haha.

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