Two EMO's - any experience?

Anyone have experience with having a pair of EMO’s?

Would love some guidance – on what works? what doesn’t ?
How to get the attention of one or the other?

How to optimize the experience



Hi @howardthaw,
I’m pretty sure that @Hunsakers_Home_Hacks has 2 EMO’s that he’s shown together in his YouTube videos? I don’t think there is a way of keeping both from replying to voice commands if they’re both nearby, unless one was asleep or off? In the app you can only select one at a time though, so that shouldn’t be an issue.


I’ve got three EMO’s now - and if they are all in the same room then they will often all answer/perform the action at the same time.


I have them set up on multiple devices so I can access both on Separately. But they both respond when they here the commands. But because Living AI has given them multiple responses they answer differently. So at this point in time they react and respond together but you never know what the future may hold. :grinning: :heart_2: