Turning off after face scan

My emo seems to turn off for a second almost every time he sees my face and tries to automatically recognise it… I’ve received it less than 2 weeks ago and I feel like this bug was normal, but even after the update the situation is still happening. If he tries to recognise me he blinks off for a second, to later turn back on. Sometimes while waking up he says hello and my name, but not too sure what’s happening. Anyone can help out? It’s become a lot more frequent now that the new update makes him look at you even more… Plz help

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There was another EMO owner that had the same issue. Check this post:

Best thing to do is contact the support team via email regarding this (if you are experiencing the same issue).

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It’s not exactly the same issue, but the thread was definetly useful, thank you buddy

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No problem. It still would be best to send Living.Ai support an email explaining the situation. On your end be sure you have done all the basic troubleshooting steps, like powering down EMO and restarting him / Restarting your Network Wifi (Internet). Restarting your EMO APP.

You also have an option to reset your EMO as well. There is a reset hole located on the top of EMO’s head. (see image below)

Also test if you can access photos from EMO’s display and also if EMO can take a photo. Use the EMO App to access all the photos EMO has taken and try to sync them to your Phone then see if EMO can display them onto his screen.

Of course these things might not resolve your issue, so as mentioned send an email to support detailing your issue / send pics / videos if you have them so they have a clear understanding on what is happening so they can assist you as best as possible,.