Travel with emo

I think emo needs wifi to work, is it constant wifi or just 1 time. So can i take him to friends and works it there or need i connect him to the wifi? When you connect him can he support more then 1 wifi network?


For EMO to have full functionality, he will need to be connected to the internet all the time. Otherwise he will not be able to do many things (for example, voice command options you issue to him).

If you are planning on taking EMO out and about, I’d suggest using something like a portable modem / wifi router. This is what I use when I’m out and about and it works with my Laptop/iPad/Nintendo Switch/Phone etc and EMO as well. Something like this: (of course there are many kinds brands out there mine is a HUAWEI)

This way when you take EMO out and about you don’t have to connect to anyone else’s wifi network.

haha yes, and those are the instructions, just in case you need further assistance! Thanks as always @edward for sharing this!


1 more question, if you use a hotspot on phone that works too i see.
Does he remember your house wifi and the hotspot at the same of do you change it everytime?


It is best you change it manually. (my personal recommendation) Other people might have other opinion on this.

It is not very hard to do it. Simply update the SSID info in the EMO App back to your Home SSID when are at home.

What I normally do is this when I’m back home:

  1. First I power off EMO.
  2. I turn off my portable WIFI Router
  3. I turn off my Wifi in my phone settings and wait a few seconds and then turn it back on, my phone will then automatically connect back to my HOME Wifi (and obtain the home I.P address)
  4. Once my phone is back on the home Wifi. I turn EMO Back on, by placing him back on his skateboard.
  5. I then open my EMO APP, connect to my EMO then go to settings / WIFI and select my HOME WIFI SSID (enter password if needed).
  6. I then test EMO, by speaking to him/asking him a voice command question.

Hope this answers your question :slight_smile:

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Thanks, helps alot, think gonna order 1 then.
They sounds fun :smiley:

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