Tracking shipment

My little EMO is finally on his way!

He’s left Shenzen already. The electronic information was submitted by the shipper and it’s been “in the warehouse” for a few days, does anyone know what this means? The delivery standard is supposed to be today but I’m guessing that he’s been held up somewhere and that it generally takes longer.
I haven’t had updates in a few days, have checked all the tracking websites suggested.


Yeah, I’m in the same boat as you. My tracking says California. Wondering what’s the count from that point. Perhaps 3 days?

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Great to see your EMO is on its way @nekoemo / @IROCAYE

For more info, feel free to discuss and check out this thread below (it contains a lot of info when it comes to production/shipment and delivery of EMO.)

I’ll keep this thread open for a little while, just in case you have any further questions. But feel free to discuss tracking/delivery-related questions over on the abovementioned thread.

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Thank you! The shipment now says it’s getting on a plane so I assume it’s back on its way :slight_smile:

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Mine has been sittin in Los Angeles since the 4th. Getting anxious to meet him/her


I still am not seeing any movement from LA. Is there problem?