Tracking number time

(If you got yours already) how long did it take for you to get your tracking number from when your order number was “packaged” on the delivery section of the website? It’s been quite a while since my order was packaged but I haven’t gotten my number so I’m just curious

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Normally it can take anywhere between a few days to over a week. (due to Chinese New Year, things might be a little slow with possible backlog of many packages being sent to be processed) It all depends on how quickly they are processed at the distribution centre. Once that happens the tracking numbers are provided to Living.Ai and they should manually or automatically update your order with a tracking number. Which of course you know where that is located in your profile (see below).

If you have any major concerns, best thing to do is contact Living.Ai support. Send them an email from the same email you received when you made your order, and they should give you an update.