Tracking number issues

I received a tracking number 6 days ago. When i select it, it says it cannot be found. There has been no update on this tracking number. Has this happened to anyone else? Has anyone received their order beyond my nymber 40533

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Sometimes it gonna takes some time to see or view the shipping movement…Pretty sure it’s underway, so be patient…
But try to copy your tracking number…click on any link below…and paste it to search for your package.
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my tracking overview also had the “not found” for a day or so recently. But the information came back. So you may need some patience there. Or for sure use another tracking page as edwardpike @edward suggests.
Either way: that information gap doesn’t mean that your shipment was lost or something. Usually it seems to take some time to update with new information from what I read in several threads here, now.

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Hi @andibenson2013

You can find a lot of info in the following thread that discusses delivery / tracking and tracking sites you can use to find out where your EMO is located. I’ll share the link below:

Also you can try any of the 4 tracking sites to see where your EMO is. Do note that tracking updates will take time as it is up to the courier / postal service to update them when they can. (see info below on the suggested tracking sites you can use:

As this question is related to the abovementioned thread. I will close this thread and if you have further questions, please continue to discuss over on the other thread.

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