Tracking number but not shipped

I have the tracking number since 02/07, and still says “the item is at the shipper warehouse”, looks like the tracking number was in place almost one month but nobody sent the package. Order number 73xx.
Someone has the same issue ?

Well, if you have a tracking number it has been sent to a third-party shipping agent. Then the shipping agent (USPS, ups, etc.) will put it in a warehouse! Then, you will have to wait! :grinning:

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(post deleted by author)

Why have you deleted the post ? @jskains

This is wired, why the post from @jskains was deleted ??

Everything you said was fair on the point, there’s no excuse the silence people, the company need to hear different opinions, and recent delivery numbers are really going nowhere.

also, don’t forget that emo is still a work in progress! :grinning:

What does it means ? How is related to a shipping ?

it means you will have to wait