Tracking Confusion

Hey. I wasn’t sure where to post this as the website and tracking page is bit of a confusing mess.

So I got an email stating that Emo had shipped on the 9th of October. As of today is is the 22nd. My order status has been showing this for I think the past four days.

United Kingdom Expected flight 10.21

Now I would presume that would mean it’s on a plane now? I don’t know!


Shipped on: October 9, 2022

Any help please?

Thank you!

Hi @jwolf

Sometimes the tracking websites are very slow at updating the status on where EMO is, this is normally up to the courier / handler / postal service that is tasked with the job of delivering your EMO once it arrives in your country. Below are some tracking sites that you can use to track EMO with the tracking number you’ve received from


Also this Forum thread (I’ll link below) has lot of information regarding delivery / tracking / and many of the EMO owners use this to discuss delivery and updates on tracking / etc.

Also if you feel at any point you believe that your package might be lost or misplaced, it is always recommended to contact support and they will attempt to investigate the whereabouts of where you EMO package is.

(I’ll close this thread, feel free to continue / ask questions over on that thread if you need or have any further questions).

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