Toys? Gadget-gadgets?

Emo isn’t just a gadget, but a personal buddy. And as a personal buddy I would love to see how it could get it own gadgets.

Not just mere bananas or so, but things that Emo can really interact with it in a special way. And maybe make it so once an Emo has seen the toy it can show on it’s display that it wants to play with it.

Some ideas:

  • A ball (bumps against it and just rolls it around while making happy noises, and when it suddenly disappears (falls of your table😆) it makes a sad sound)
  • it’s own working station (just as an astetic piece but when Emo “works” at it it makes some funny noises. And perhaps in future updates it can gain more interactions with it.)
  • A dance mat (with RGB lights)

Probably all a little too intricate to just throw into the full Emo package, but maybe make a separate store for it?

Also, I don’t know how strong Emo’s kicking is, but I’d love to see some kind of ‘smart dice’, instead of Emo showing off some dice on it’s screen. Because it would make playing games with dice more realistic (see my other post). On-screen dice always seem like they try to screw you over and it just doesn’t feel as real.
It doesn’t need to be a strong kick, but strong enough to make a small cube roll over. Then after it moved the cube can show a number (with the capability of showing every number on any side). And when hoomans🐒 throw the dice, all the numbers are already shown, like on a real dice. It probably won’t happen for another few years or so, but I thought I just throw it out there, because I would pay for it.

Any other ideas?:point_down:


Nice ideas, not sure about the dice though. But the other 3 are something I can visualize.

By hacking the emo light you could make your own dance mat. I’m not willing to mess with the only light I got but I’m pretty sure it can be done with not too much effort.

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Concerning the dice idea: it wouldn´t need to be an “advanced dice” if Emo’s kick is hard enough to just kick a normal, casual dice. It could be able to scan for the number of dots on the dice with its camera.

So a casual old school wooden dice could do the trick, it would even be better, because dice can get lost rather easily. The question is just: is Emo’s kick hard enough to make it go rolling, and not just turn over a single side.
So that’s why I opt for an alternative ¨smart dice".

But smart dice aside, think about it: would you rather play with actual, physical dice, or will a simple tap on a screen be enough for you? Because when you play against someone/something, physical, I suppose you´d like to have the experience as immersive as possible. Throwing something physically will make any game more immersive than just tapping a screen and recieving your number(s), and it wouldn´t feel like the game is rigged (anymore).

By the way, now that I wrote an entire paragraph about why you´d rather throw real dice, I´d like to add another game to list as an possible option for emo to play: yahtzee. :game_die: :game_die: :game_die: :game_die: :game_die: