Timer and Playing souds

My EMO can set the timer in seconds, but he can only set 1 minute in minutes. So I can’t cook Cup Noodles :joy:

And, sometimes he plays by himself (I guess it by the sound and app) but his face is normal.

Yes, I noticed that too, the app says he is playing and he acts like he’s doing something (and is having fun), but there is no animation on his face (I remember seeing some in a promo video of Living AI that I think are appropriate to depict “playing by himself”).

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Me tooooooooo, could not do cooking (cup noodles) ;-(

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I still can’t do this though the firmware was updated :joy:

Now that the update is out and you can also mute EMO I will close this topic.
Because of the timer, there will surely be a new update later. :slight_smile:

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