Tickle Tickle! EMO Sensors

What if, LAI added sensors on EMO’s feet. So you can rub him there like his head and he would laugh as if it would actually tickle. Dose this sound like a good idea? :happy:


That would be adorable, but I suspect it would have to be tickling the top of his feet since if you pick him up to tickle the bottoms, he would start kicking and fussing.

Why not post your suggestion here:


He has such a cute giggle anyway (when he is cheating at Rock Paper Scissors for example) that that would be cute but they would have to make them with sensors in their feet.


Along that line of thought they could simply repurpose inputs from his cheek sensors to have him respond as if being tickled there instead of being petted.


Great idea @deeztreezson

As @Lindaru suggested, feel free to add this suggestion/idea to the Improvements/Ideas and new features thread.

I’ll go ahead and close this thread as it’s very much related to the other one :slightly_smiling_face:

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