Thoughts on emo returning to charger

This is just a thought, really just a thought but hey who knows.

What if instead of making a flat charger, there could be an emo play pin, with a slot for the charger so it becomes flat because it’s inserted into the base where a cutout could be. Emo then could walk onto and off of the charger. I’m js if the developers made that happen, I would totally purchase it because a more self sustaining emo would be over the moon kind of lit!!

Lmk your thoughts?

Because of the skateboard’s shape it wouldn’t be very flat in the end. I think that a charger built in the EMO’s Safe Place is still a better idea.

Yeah that would even be a good idea too! Like just a squat surface area with a built in charging area on the ground. I really like this idea because it not only keeps emo in a good environment but provides a way for emo to be a tad more autonomous/independent.

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They have announced plans some time back for an EMO stage that would facilitate auto charging