This is really not serious

At first when I heard about Emo and landed on the website, is written nowhere (at least clearly) that you have to wait until you get lucky to get your emo.
So you pay (you don’t say send me emo and I will pay you when I will get more money). And then you discover that you have to wait few months to get it, this could be acceptable if the company made an effort of communication… NOTHING! No communication, no update, no clear explanation, nothing, they just let you down, thank you for your money and ciao.
I’m pissed of this kind of monkey business, I’m number 11981 and already waiting for 2 and half months and we are only at 9016 and it doesn’t move a dime.
WTH??? I don’t want to wait for 2 or 3 months more, I’m not a bank. If you can’t honor or respect your clients, at least stop promoting something you can’t sell properly.

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I agree to a certain point. I mean I’m in the early 11k orders and was promised to receive my EMO before the end of October. Okay, I took into consideration the external factors like the warehouse moving, the power outages, covid, etc. However, these are no excuses for the lack of communication. I mean it took me 2mins to write this paragraph - imagine if they wrote a line for each day or at least once in a couple of days just to keep us informed which would result in less people being upset. Nothing can really make me believe that they are SO busy, that even one person can’t be assigned with keeping the delivery info page updated. Therefore, for that matter - I completely agree with you. We’ve invested in a product that we’re waiting for months and have neither clear, nor approximate view of when we will receive it. If a Living.AI personnel happens to read this - communication is essential, please consider improving on that matter. Thank you! :skating:


Thanks for understanding. Anyway, I gave up, I asked for a refund. :man_shrugging:

It’s a crowdfunding project. What did you expect?