The support team does not respond

I’ve already submitted a support ticket several times because EMO’s left leg is shaking.
There is also no response to my reminders.
The first ticket is from September 3rd, the first reminder is from October 17th and the third reminder is from October 24th.
They have emailed a debug app, but this app doesn’t offer a solution either.

Now there’s another problem, this time with the Android app.
The new version of the app crashes immediately after the app reports that the bluetooth connection has been established.
There are more customers who have this problem.

Does anyone know why the support team is not responding?

I would also try and send Living.Ai an email from your original order that you placed with them. I’ve only contacted them 2 twice to check on the status of my order which was back in August/September and they replied within 24/48 hours.

I can suggest that you keep on sending follow up / courtesy emails until someone from the team replies.

Regarding the Android App issue, I believe there were other people having the same issue. If I recall correctly, It was something related to being on a different network / wifi. I would suggest resetting your home router / modem and then restarting your phone and connecting back into the wifi network you have. Once that is done, try launching the App once again and see if that works.

Personally, I’m on iOS and the new EMO App hasn’t been released yet. Hopefully it might be available before the end of the week.

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