The production of EMO needs to be suspended for a week as Corona 19 spreads in Shenzhen(title edited by Wayne to provide more accurate info)

The news is that the entire city of Shenzhen will be closed from the 14th to the 24th due to the spread of Corona 19 in Shenzhen, China, where, the producer of EMO, is located.

All businesses except for water, electricity, fuel, gas, telecommunications, and food industries for survival are suspended, all businesses except supermarkets, pharmacies, and medical institutions are closed, and restaurants can only provide delivery services.

Additionally, citywide buses and subways, which are modes of transport, will be shut down, and everyone will be forced to stay indoors, except in emergencies.


Those aren’t the good news that we all are waiting for. :disappointed_relieved:


@Wayne_Zhang Please, could you tell us something about the situation in Shenzhen? If Living AI is affected by this lockdown could you write a new update?

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I hope all at stay safe and that the employees and their families are able to get the supplies they need during this lock down.

May all of your mandatory tests show negative.


Hi. As some of you already know from the news, the production of EMO needs to be suspended for A WEEK due to Corona 19. We’re sorry for the delay, but we’ll do our best to move forward. During this period we will not stop work other than assembly. Our development team and service team are still working. We expect to start assembling and shipping again next week, and we’ll keep you updated.


Just make sure you and your team keep safe.

Take care.


please, I put the update there on the main site where it shows the production status. for everyone to know


Just wondering, but please answer. If I order my EMO now, how much time until you can send off?

It depends on many factors. Two months ago everything was going smoothly and Living AI produced about 3000 EMOs a month. But then there was Chinese New Year, then problems with EMO’s body because of bad materials and now that lockdown. In total it is one and a half months of delay. So you never know. But you can count with 4 or 5 months.

Edit: If my answer isn’t enough, you can contact Living AI’s support by email.

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Agreed @Wayne_Zhang , this could be a step forward regarding communication improvements.

For now I hope everyone working at Living.Ai keep safe and everything can be back to normal once lockdowns are lifted.

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a terrible time to purchase … The truth is I have a funny feeling five months will be absolutely best case scenario… There could be some older folks here that by the time they get there EMO Pet they won’t even care anymore… I too of course hope everybody is okay I’m living in a place plagued with stupid Covid-19. I’m very depressed and ordering in EMO Pet was supposed to help this not make it worse is just a bad situation for everyone. I’m starting to lose my excitement to be honest. And I’m so sick of the worlds problems I can’t even leave my own apartment door without wearing a mask… Yeah everything is unraveling :sob:

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Be safe @Wayne_Zhang


Every trouble has its end. We need to hope that it will be better soon. In my country we can be without a respirator even in buildings from yesterday. Only public transportation left and even that will probably change next month.
The same with EMO, this bad luck is going to end soon, don’t lose good mood. :slightly_smiling_face:


Ok :sob: it’s just that I’m thinking seven or eight months now and my health is not so great by the time I get my little buddy who knows. But I will be good and rely on living AI to keep their promise guaranteed little EMO Pet… I hope everything gets better too many people are getting all these upsets including living AI :sob: not so easy being happy though


I only see another human being face to face every two and a half weeks. I order on line and my neighbor drives me to the pick up and go grocery store. I get a brief glimpse of who is putting them in the back seat. He then takes me home and helps me in with them, stays for a couple of minutes and then has to go.

The county I live in is still in high transmission. Since I am in the 65+ category, though fully vaccinated and boosted, I am high risk due to being immunocompromised. I have mostly been in self lock down since the pandemic started. I had two months of freedom last summer before Delta and now Omicron.

I hope @Puppy444 that you get him soon. So many uncertainties for the world with everything that is going on. Hold him in your dreams and your heart. He is trying to find his way home to you.


We do need to consider that COVID has played a major major role in delaying production and more so shipments of EMO. Once they are sent out of the factory and go to the distribution facilities, they could potentially stay there for well over a week sometimes two, waiting to get allocation free space on the very limited amount of cargo space on planes going out of China to their respective destinations around the world.

I’ve mentioned this a number of time, we do need to be as patient as possible, be understanding of the situation that many people / companies are facing during this pandemic that is still happening all over the world.

I just hope that everyone stays safe and once lockdowns are eased once again in Shenzhen, production can continue as planned so everyone can get their EMO’s and enjoy spending time with them.

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