The Product-Support-Page links are not working!

Is the EMO Support-Page and the button in it does not seem to work… Unfortunately they aren’t even linked to anything, and they are not even buttons, in-fact it’s just a dummy page.

@Living,AI Please to fix the same as it is a very important. If it aren’t going to work there is no reason for this page to exist, so please do.

Not a single button works (technically

, no onClick function and it is not even a button), I used the the term button as it disguises as a button to the user when it is not, I know you guys use WordPress anyways :slight_smile:

It used to work not a long ago. I would assume it’s under maintenance.


Thanks for the Info nice to know, maybe I was too late to check it out when it worked :upside_down_face:

I’ve confirmed that the buttons don’t work too. Not sure what is up. I’ve alerted @Wayne_Zhang to it. Also tagging @AmyLU as well.

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Hey @albinjoseph

For the time being, if you wanted to get in contact with Living.Ai support, feel free to send them an email. This is normally how I’ve done it in the past.

Support email address is:

I can also suggestion, if you have already made an order and received an email confirmation, you can simply just reply to that email as well and the support team will be able to check and get back to you.

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We stopped using this plugin. We will re-edit the Q&A.