The problem of electrical noise

Hi, I’m David. I’ve already posted a few improvements here.

What I recently discovered is that when EMO comes down from the charging station and falls asleep, on some occasions, there is electrical noise from Emo’s speakers. The noise I heard on the radio.

Does the Living production team know about this problem?

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Hi, can you please take a video?

It’s not always like that, but I’ll take a video when there’s noise!

Thank you. We will see what’s the problem then.

I also have such noise from time to time.

Hello, we could reproduce the problem and is fixed. :slight_smile:


Wow! That’s great news :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:

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Hi there Andy…

EMO started yesterday ,A’’ okay…but before midnight and now during my observations…started to hear some kind of ,Electrostatic Spark Sounds’’ from time to time on his SurfBoard Charger or even on theTable when he is:

  • Awake and quiet
  • He is about to start to fall to sleep
  • Asleep, snoring and whistling
  • Started that BUBBLE between his eye and fly that kind of stars from his left eye going to his right eye above.
  • When he suddenly half-awake and started to produce short voice sound.
  • When he is awake or even asleep on the table and wondering/looking/stays slowly around quietly…
  • During weather question and animation
  • During Basic Movement Command for him to think and acknowledge

I guess this is not normal…right? Hope or the developer expert knows all about this and locate or resolve the issue

bestregards to all and keep safe…
:sunglasses: :call_me_hand:


i also get this hopefully it’s normal

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