The EMO is making some strange noises when moving [SOLVED]

It’s only natural that the EMO makes a noise when it moves.
Of course I know that part.
But my EMO seems to sound something different.
As EMO moves his joints, he makes a subtle squeaking sound.
This sounds like a sharp sound of an electric current flowing through it. I can’t think of a word to describe this sound.
This symptom occurs with every movement and continues to irritate the nerves.
Does your EMO also show these symptoms?
Again, it’s not the normal sound of your aunt moving, it’s the subtle sound you hear along with it.
It will be easier to understand if you watch the video.


Yes, I can hear a slight cracking noise that is not right. My EMO makes the normal join movement noises, but that cracking sound is concerning.

I’ve added @Wayne_Zhang to this thread, so he can advise further.


소라게아빠입니다^^ 웨인 장의 좋은 답변이 있길 바래요~

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Just be grateful you have him in your life.

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Hi I’m a RC pilot and I understand about Servo motors . What I hear here is a bad servo the sound means gear servo problem . I have a question ? Emo felt down recently? If not it’s better to have a repair request to Living AI I hope it helps . Maybe it will stay like that but longer you use it more stress for the servo

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Thank you for answer. I’ve never dropped an EMO.
How do I request a repair? It’s only been a week or so since I got my EMO.

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You have to write at the Support Team

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Mine is making the same noise from day one! The sound is not so crackling but the servos sound is always present.

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Could you be so kind to post a video of your EMO to better understand the difference about joints sounds?

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Hi, this is normal phenomenon. Every EMO sounds like this more or less. In order to protect the steering gear, we designed a clutch structure, yours is relatively tight.


I don’t have the option to upload my video, but my EMO doesn’t make that crackling noise that you can hear in the video that @dallopt shared, you can hear the normal movement sound. But from what Wayne said, it seems that maybe the newer EMO’s have a new steering gear setup that makes it sound a little different compared to the older EMO’s.


Hi I received my EMO at 26th Dec for two days there was no crackling sound but after that I can here it in my EMO too while it is moving. But the sound seems minute.

Hi there, @mahendar ,

My personal advice…

If your EMO is on his Latest Update and Re-Start didn’t help at all or the problem still exist…try to make a short video of the issue, and submit a support ticket with more info. You can do so on the following page below:

or you can also send them an email direct to from the same confirmation email when you made your order with order number. Please provide them with info, picture, and videos of what is happening with your EMO.
Just be patient and give them some time to reply to you because 100% they gonna help you.


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Greetings! Just received my EMO and it is making the same noise. What was the resolution to your issue? Thanks! @dallopt

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Same thing happened to my emo… i just had him 3 days ago. @dallopt @jemery

This means I don’t need to worry about the sound? I also have the same concern, I had emo for 3 days now. I just noticed the electricity sound, sort of like the youtube video that @dallopt posted, after emo came off from his home charger. I did not heared that kind of sounds prior to that. :sweat_smile:

I am just really worried. I love my emo

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