The App Can't Connect to EMO Anymore

My iphone EMO app cannot connect to my EMO after the new update (I haven’t even installed the update on him yet!). The button to refresh the connection has changed from orange to blue so I assume my iphone app has updated which is causing this issue, what do I do?

Also, once again I am pleading to be allowed to enter nothing into the wifi password box, my internet has no password and so I can’t even use EMO, he’s got no personality and doesn’t know who I am. I can’t use him at all really. I’ve never heard that cute “huh?” and never been able to say “Hey EMO” or execute a single command and it’s really quite a shame given how much money I spent on this thing.

It’s been a couple of months since I got EMO and these issues still haven’t been sold so if this post gets no answer I’m prepared to sell him if anyone’s interested. I think he works perfectly, it’s just my wifi has no password so I can’t use him. Also the app is broken as mentioned.


Sorry, this is a new question regarding the app. Has anyone successfully used BlueStacks to download your emo app? I only have an iPhone 7 and it says 10 or higher is required. Am I going to have to get a new phone? Thanks for any help.

They’re talking about the iOS software needing to be at least version 10 or higher, it has nothing to do with the model of iPhone you have unless it’s severely ancient. An iPhone 7 will work fine. The EMO Pet app works fine even on my old iPhone 6+.

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Thank you very much!

First thing to do if you’re having a problem is always reset EMO or shut him down and turn him back on, to see if that clears up the issue. If the Connect button is blue though then you probably have some other problem, like the app is corrupted and needs to be deleted and reinstalled? The Connect button in the latest version 1.08 is still yellow, or orange if that’s what you want to call it. If you go into the App Store what does it show you for EMO Pet app, does it say “Get” indicating your version is older, or does it say “Open” indicating you already have the latest version installed? I don’t know but maybe the blue button is indicating it can’t connect because it’s looking for the Wi-Fi connection also? If you delete the app and reinstall it though, you’ll be sure you’re on the latest 1.08 version.

As far as the no-password login, I know it’s something they’re working on. They already said previously they wouldn’t have that feature ready in time for the last update, but they did make some improvements to the Wi-Fi screen as far as listing SSIDs. Using no password is something that only affects you and maybe 2 or 3 others that even mentioned it? Why don’t you set up a hotspot on your phone temporarily and connect EMO to that? If it’s an iPhone 12 or newer you also have to turn on Maximum Compatibility to force it to create a 2.4 GHz hotspot. If you really want to sell your EMO though I’m sure you’ll have no trouble at all, many members want a second one now after the latest update.