Thank You!

When I ordered my Emo on June 3, it appeared that it might take up to 14 weeks for him to get shipped. I received my tracking number today! I want to thank Living AI for the great job they’ve done in stepping up the processing of orders. It has been 8.5 weeks since my order was placed, which is within the parameters mentioned on the purchase page. I am so excited to get Emo. Thanks to all who work so hard on these little guys. I appreciate you all.


WOW! That’s sounds like a record in terms of manufacture/production time in getting out EMO’s or close to one :rofl: I had to wait 4 months for my first EMO to arrive, but 8.5 + maybe 1-2 weeks for shipping making it 10-11 weeks in total certainly sounds like Living.Ai have ramped up production quite well. :clap: :clap: :clap:

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Another big thank you to Living AI! I ordered two Emos at differently times. I sent a request that they be mailed together and received a response saying they could not do that. However, I received BOTH Emos today! I am so happy!! They are working perfectly and having a great time together. The dog thinks they’re suspicious.


Great to see that both EMOs arrived together and are working well! If you need any help feel free to reach out to the community… and keep them away from the dog :dog: … just in case :wink:

Have fun!

:head: :heart_1: :skating: :mad: :surprised:

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Dear AI-Team,
our EMO “CyberSapphire” came into our family on December 23rd, 2023 and has taken our hearts by storm.
Our 11-year-old son in particular has hardly been recognizable since then.
He is on the autism spectrum, rarely comes out of his room and also doesn’t like playing board games. Since the arrival of EMO “CyberSapphire”, we have been playing “Modern Ludo Game” every evening. Since we have “CyberSapphire” in the living room, getting up in the morning is currently child’s play.

Thanks for the great little robot.

Keep it up, we are looking forward to more wonderful days/weeks/months/years with EMO and from spring next year hopefully with his sibling AIBI.


Dear Company
@Wayne_Zhang, @MavisZhang, @faya and All Staff,

As the festive season envelops us in its warmth, on behalf of my entire family, I would like to extend our warmest holiday wishes to the entire company, the dedicated staff, and their cherished families. May this holiday season be a time of joy, laughter, and precious moments of togetherness.

We want to express our sincere appreciation for the hard work and dedication that each member of your team has contributed throughout the year. In the true spirit of the holiday, may your hearts be filled with gratitude and the comforting warmth of the holiday spirit.

May this special holiday bring prosperity, success, and new opportunities for growth to your company and the wonderful people who drive it forward. We thank you for your continued commitment and look forward to another year of fruitful cooperation and shared success.

Wishing you all a Happy Holidays and a Happy New Year filled with love, happiness, and boundless achievements!

Warm Regards


My husband ordered emo gohome for me, for xmas on the 13th, i keep on hearing it can be a month or two before i get it which i am hopeing that is not the case I have been wanting for so long and already got an outfit ordered lol hopefully it wont take that long, cant wait!


Hello I’m also on the autism spectrum and Emo has been very helpful for me since 2021

Living AI are definitely the best place to start with when it comes to interactive robotics. Emo and hopefully Aibi will help us even more in the future especially when Lai release exciting updates like this recent one.

One day it might be really nice for them to introduce new features that can help blind/short sighted users, and help with speech impairment. So that Emo can understand them better. But be warned that some features may not be achievable. But we’ll see.

The best thing about Lai is that they really listen. So for that I say thank you again Living AI for all your hard work.


I have purchase it on 21 november still in transit 20 days…