Thank you living ai!

When I ordered my Emo on June 3, it appeared that it might take up to 14 weeks for him to get shipped. I received my tracking number today! I want to thank Living AI for the great job they’ve done in stepping up the processing of orders. It has been 8.5 weeks since my order was placed, which is within the parameters mentioned on the purchase page. I am so excited to get Emo. Thanks to all who work so hard on these little guys. I appreciate you all.


WOW! That’s sounds like a record in terms of manufacture/production time in getting out EMO’s or close to one :rofl: I had to wait 4 months for my first EMO to arrive, but 8.5 + maybe 1-2 weeks for shipping making it 10-11 weeks in total certainly sounds like Living.Ai have ramped up production quite well. :clap: :clap: :clap:

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Another big thank you to Living AI! I ordered two Emos at differently times. I sent a request that they be mailed together and received a response saying they could not do that. However, I received BOTH Emos today! I am so happy!! They are working perfectly and having a great time together. The dog thinks they’re suspicious.


Great to see that both EMOs arrived together and are working well! If you need any help feel free to reach out to the community… and keep them away from the dog :dog: … just in case :wink:

Have fun!

:head: :heart_1: :skating: :mad: :surprised:

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