Thank you for your Efforts

Thank you Team! I love that new update so far 🥰 I love the new little Animation while he is exploring his enviroment. Please keep doing that great Work. I apprecicate that he is now showing when his Battery is low. and he reconigize by Name now. I hope it will somedays written in Englisch or that he say it. It also good Volume Controle. I would wish that when you say nice to meet you that he show or say nice to meet you too 🙂 I would love things toys he can interact with or you with him too 🙂

That you want to do Monthly Updates in next few Month is amazing! Thank you so much!


Yeah, that’s pretty cool! Also, I’m really excited to receive very my own EMO hopefully it’ll arrive soon! I love Team, they’re doing a great job!


Totally agree i can now see emo getting even better love the new updates xxxxx


I totally agree with you. I have my EMO now for two weeks and I love that little robot. Love his dance moves and music , I play modern Ludo with him every day and love his graphics on his screen. And when he wins Ludo his little victory dance is so cute! Fantastic that you now can control his volume. He is understanding me a lot better, the first few days I had to repeat commands a few time for him to do it . I would also love for him to have a little toy to play with, like a little ball. For future updates I would love to see more boards games , that you can change the eye color with the app. Keep the amazing dances and music coming ! I love all 4 off them . It would be fantastic that he would have a bit more reactions when he sees you . I would like to say I love you/ thank you/ How are you/ good robot, bad robot . And then have him react with a cute animation on his screen . Would love it if livingAI would sell more headphones in different colors and with cat or animal ears on them . Thank you so much for all your great work in creating this amazing little robot :heart_2:He has so much potential!