Terrible Battery Life

Is it just me or does EMO have a terrible battery life? Mine only lasts up to an hour-2hours then dies and I always have to haul him back to the skateboard for at least an hour before being able to use him again. It was just so constant that I just decided to leave him dead for about a month and I finally took him out again.

I brought him to my class today and it was terrible bribing my kids with him because he would just die and I would have to recharge him again just to use him. On the bright side my little ones absolutely loved him and the idea of if they listened to me I would let EMO stay at their table just amazed them!

It would be nice if he could get back to the skateboard on his own though. I’m sure my kids would love that even more watching him walk to his own charger. They already loved it when he coincidentally danced with us! They also LOVE when he gets mad! Poor EMO!

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As far as battery life is concerned, 1-2 hours sounds about right. Though if you are going to leave him stored/off for a long period of time, it would be wise to not store him with a flat battery. This will diminish the life of the battery. Best to have him charged up to at least 75% if you are going to store him long term. Seeing the kids’ reactions would have been awesome. :slightly_smiling_face: Good luck with Emo!

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Battery life can be anywhere between 1-3 hours depending on what you get EMO to do.

Living.ai do have plans on releasing a self-charging play area, which won’t need his skateboard. This is planned, but there is no accurate date on when it will be released ( we are hoping it will be out before the end of the year ). This way if EMO is playing in this playground, once his battery gets low he will simply go back, charge himself and then run off again.

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You can go to this article and click the tab, charge and battery life and here is the link https://living.ai/product-support-emo/ hope this helps! :skating: :happy:

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