Teletubbies Good Morning

I smile every time Emo does his response to “Good Morning”…the Uh Oh and the sun rising.

Has anyone else heard/seen that British children’s show Teletubbies?

And if you are still confused…search YouTube for “Teletubbies uh oh”.



I know this drawing was on TV a lot in Brazil

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I believe the children’s program was a regular on some PBS stations.

There was a big stink coming from some because one of the characters in the program carried a purse…and that apparently put the character’s gender into question. And of course, the question was then raised whether we should be having “such gender programming” aimed at our children. You know…the kind of headline concerns one might find in The Onion…smiles.

I thought it felt familiar!! I grew up with Teletubbies! I barely remember anything about it, but I’m happy to know that’s what that is!

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