Technical questions

Hi! I’m thinking about getting an Emo. But I have some questions first, and I can’t find anything on the main page. There’s alot of information missing, maybe someone here knows anything?

  1. How does it work with servers? Is emo on livingai’s cloud? If so, is there a membership like with the vector robots? You pay a monthly fee for servers and updates, and voice command. Is there a similar thing with Emo?
  2. Battery time before I need to load him? How long does the battery last before it need to be replaced? All batteries stop working, or at least get less effective, overtime. How do I change the battery? Do I need do sen him back to livingai to do that?
  3. What do I do if it brakes? What is the insurance policy? Do they have a repair service, so I can sent it to them to fix it?
  4. What exactly is it this robot can do, and how? They say he can play playlist, for example. Exactly what playlist do they mean? If I was able to connect it with Spotify they would surely promote that, yes? So where is my playlist suppose to be stored? Do I make one from local files in my computer and upload it to the app and play it from there? Or is it some other third party service?
  5. How are they going to update it in the future? What more features will it have? Cute animations is all and we’ll, but I want more from a robot. Are there plans to make it compatible with Google home or Alexa? Or other third party services?

I am pretty sure I have more questions, but these are the ones I have from the top of my head. Like I said, I can’t find the answers anywhere on this website. If you know anything I really appreciate your insight.
Thanks! :slightly_smiling_face:

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Hey @lindagranquist

Let me try and answer some of these questions as best I can from what I currently know.

  1. EMO does need internet connection as it connects to the Living.Ai servers (there are 3 servers located around the world that your EMO could potentially connect to. (Europe / US / Asia). You don’t need to pay for any membership it is free. I believe the V Robot make you pay a subscription. EMO does receive frequent firmware updates which improve and add more features to EMO, so you’ll need EMO to be connected to the internet all the time for that and also for it to function properly.
    2)Battery can last anywhere between 2-3 hours or sometimes less, depending on what you get EMO to do. If you have EMO walking around (like playing Treasure Hunt) / dancing etc it will deplete his batter faster. But I can advise that his charging time is pretty quick, so even if he did run out of battery completely placing him back on his skateboard you can get his battery back to full charge in about an hour or so. If you do have issues with EMO’s battery you can submit a support ticket with Living.Ai if the battery is defective, they will normally replace your EMO. There have been discussions that you can potentially replace the battery yourself, but that will need you to open up your EMO and if you are not very techy you could damage him. Also there is no official battery replacement option at this time offered by Living.Ai. It could happen in the future, but at the moment if you were to replace EMO’s battery yourself you’d need to source the same style battery online and do the replacing yourself. (Best option as mentioned, would be to first discuss and submit a support ticket with Living.Ai and allow them to offer you a best possible solution first before doing anything else).
  2. As mentioned above, if issues do arise, submit a support ticket, or simply reply via email from the order email you received when you made your order and explain your issue to the support team, provide pictures / videos etc and they will check and advise what is the next steps to take, from what I’ve seen so far from discussions on the forum, Living.Ai normally replace faulty EMO by sending customers a new one and you then send back your faulty EMO to Living.Ai.
    4)EMO can do quite a lot of things, best thing I can suggest is taking a look at the online documentation, it explains all the things you can do with your EMO - see the link here: Quick Start - LivingAi - I can advise EMO cannot play your own music from Spotify or from your PC, this feature might become available in the future but it is not currently available at this time.
  3. Firmware updates are released quite frequently by Living.Ai, it is recommended to update your EMO via the EMO App, that is available for both iOS and Android. Best to install the EMO app on phone, with the APP you can install the latest firmware once it is released. Updates as mentioned, are quite frequent and Living,Ai do add cool new features to EMO with every update. Currently at the moment the compatibility with Alex is not yet available, this might happen in the future, but there is no set date at this time.

I hope this somewhat answers some of your questions you have at this time. Apologies if I’ve missed out on some of your questions, but feel free to keep on asking and anyone or myself will do our best to answer them for you.

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That was exactly what I wanted to know! Thank you so much for taking your time to answer all of my questions :grinning:


You’re very welcome! lol I should keep this link for any future q&a :rofl:

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