Taxes on EMO in countries

Is that thing in yours countries too? In my country I will have to pay over 65$ in taxes, after paying for shipping? Is this everywhere or is it really just here?

EDIT: 22℅ at least for taxes (so if emo is 280 that is at least 60$)

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I live in Australia and when I ordered my EMO, I did not have to pay any sort of taxes when it arrived. I guess this is only in specific countries and not all of them.

I will have to pay taxes worth the third of EMO :rofl:

There was no import duty on EMO in the USA.

It’s normal in Belgium (and the whole EU I would guess) for packages coming from outside the EU. I was lucky twice (original Emo and replacement) though: Living AI had declared (customs declaration that has to be included with the parcel) the contents of the package as “plastic toy” with a very low value and it passed customs without further inspection so I didn’t have to pay anything extra. I don’t know if they still ship it the same way though.

A couple months ago I received another package from Shenzhen with a correct customs declaration and I had to pay an extra 2/3 of its value (taxes + fees). So yeah, sometimes these packages coming from overseas can get quite expensive.

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When was that? Because if I decide to ordery own, it would come in about 4 months from what I heard. I hope they still ship them as a plastic toy

My replacement Emo was shipped December 1st, 2021

Oh… Thta slong ago, form than on my countrie even got some new rules…

In Canada we have Custom fees on quite a bit that comes through, all depends on what the package, cost, weight etc. Unfortunately you don’t know until it arrives.


Yeah, exactly. I’m ordering action figures (nendoroids) from Japan relatively often.
Most of them are more or less about the same price (except some rare very expensive pieces) and some of them didn’t attract attention of customs and I got them for free (of course I had to pay for the order). And some went a bit expensive after I had to pay customs. Last months they changed their method and now you have to include additional information for every package, especially a confirmation from the bank (screenshot) about the amount paid.

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I‘m not sure I still have a photo of the package upon arrival, but I remember clearly that it was declared as a “Plastic Toy” worth 5 USD :joy::joy: Risky, but they say they work with experienced couriers.
I live in Germany and German customs aren’t known to be easy… So if you somehow had to pay I would say it’s worst-case scenario.


So in Germany, you have ordered with only 5USD in the past? That would be awesome

No, that was just a trick how to avoid paying customs.