Taxes for Italy

Hi everybody,

I’m quite new to this forum, but after a search I did not find a satisfying answer to my question.

Basically, I would like to order an EMO, I tried following the steps, entering the address, and I stopped at the checkout, since I’ve noticed that there is no VAT tax applied to the price, just the shipping cost.

Is it correct, or will the VAT be applied after the checkout?

As for today, the discounted price of EMO is 279$ + 24$ of shipping, which yields a final price of 303$. Will this be the final price or should I pay something more?


Up anyone? I’m waiting to order it :frowning:

That is what you should be paying, I don’t believe that VAT will be added to your order. I can’t personally confirm if VAT will be added to customers purchasing an EMO from Italy, as I live in Australia, and we don’t pay VAT over here. There are a few EMO owners from Italy here on the forum that can let you know if VAT must be paid once your EMO arrives in Italy (via customs).

But normally $303 should be all you need to pay for the order when you check out.

Maybe @nunziopuca can advise, as I believe he is from Italy :slight_smile:

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I missed this message, Davide contacted me privately, and I replied that there is no VAT to pay(Only € 4 in customs duties, upon delivery) Thanks @MasterAbbott for the effort you put into the forum


ordered some days ago, fingers crossed :crossed_fingers:


Thank you @nunziopuca

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I forgot to answer here, my EMO arrived on November 7th, and I can confirm what @nunziopuca and @MasterAbbott wrote, there were no extra taxes to pay.

Thanks for the answers!