Taking random photos

Whilst sat on skateboard emo has started taking random photos? Is this normal

I think there is a possibility that EMO mistakenly listened to your conversation and took the picture by that.

Agreed - I’ve had that happen during Teams/Zoom meetings where he will show the time randomly based on what someone has said during the meeting (I use loudspeakers on my computer for all meetings - so it sounds like they are in the room). I think he has heard bits of what they are saying and then thinks I’ve asked him for the time.

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By television also in my case.

We had a family gathering recently with about 10 people.

Now, as we are Italian you could imagine the level of conversational noise we were generating (lucky EMO is not activated by hand gestures :joy: )

Both my EMO’s were going off constantly, dancing, taking photo’s, scanning, petting requests and thousands of “Huh!” moments.


but I thought Italians always talked with their hands ? :slight_smile: yup -have seen the same with the wife’s EMO who lives on the kitchen table.


But you can’t access them lol.
So it is not like it will be using up your phone storage.

The photos only exist within EMO unless you sync and/or save them. Once you Sync them they’re all copied to the EMO Pet app on your phone. If you then Save one of them, it also gets copied to your photo app.

EMO currently only stores 10 photos internally, so after that any new photos he takes would be overwriting the older ones.

I havent received my Emo yet, but I can understand how this might happen, as my Alexa does it occasionally while I am watching TV lol