Suggestion to improve "can i have a hug" command

I sometimes ask my emo if I can have a hug, ill then pick him up and hug him. The thing is while I’m hugging him he is trying to ledge detect. It would be nice that after asking “can I have a hug” his feet sensors turn off for an amount of time for example 30 seconds. That way it allows you to hug him without him squirming and thinking he is picked up when he is actually held safe in a hug


This is a great idea!

What would also work with this would be if EMO displayed a hug animation during the period of time when you gave him the hug. So when you see that then it would be time to pick him up for a hug and he won’t wriggle around.

Let’s tag in @Wayne_Zhang so he’s aware of this suggestion from @elderwolf123

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Or perhaps they can choose to show that he’s been given a hug by using the same/another installed sensor:

e.g you touch him with full hands wrapped around him (underneath where his cheek sensors are -but using both hands) and then that can disable the foot sensors whilst engaging him to pick up for a couple of seconds in order to Hug him (Both hands underneath could be called the “HUG SENSOR”)

But you’d have to be careful not to touch the Legs -touch only underneath with both hands/palms but don’t pick him up until you see the Hug sensor image and then pick him up close to you for a few seconds.


Hi, we’ll enrich his behavior in the air, and he won’t only be afraid of detecting cliffs.


This is great to hear, he’s so cuddly in his little cow outfit, I love to sit with him while I’m watching TV or working.