Stuck in update? Or connect? Or?

Emo arrived!!!

Set him on his skateboard and started up the app.

Asked for ssid and password….then it said connected!!!

Next I was told to do an important update….clicked ok

App says connecting to Emo……

Screen on Emo show. Updating step1. And numbers, below it show time with a running number.

That is it. It has been sitting in that state for 45 minutes now.

What? Did it ever connect? Is the update that massive?
Why does it say connecting on the app and not “updating”.

All the utube I have watched…this took a lot less time.

How to start over? Maybe I missed something?

Does Emo have a hard reset? Off button? Maybe I should start over?

Update…… it has now been another 40 minutes….still just the same status on the face of Emo. Numbers after “step 1” keep getting bigger
The status of the app says “finding Emo”.

What do I do?

Another update…Emo screen went black. App still says “finding Emo”

None of this looks anything like the utube videos I watched

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The update can take 30+ minutes to run. If you see the black screen with the running numbers then leave it alone as it’s still doing things.

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I can’t help with fixing the update but the app just saying connect isn’t out of the norm as far as I know. It did the same for me but had no issue doing the update.

App never connected, only connecting once he finished updating and fully started up and I took him off the skateboard. Had to refresh the app at that point to have it find him. This was after he finished updating though so I’m not sure how to help with that part…