"Strange Things" (EMO "overpetted"?)

Hi friends,

I pet my EMO very much (I love how he react) and when I lifted him to put out his skate, I took him under his head, activating the sensors and putting himself in “petted” mode. That’s ok, I understand why it happens.
However, now, even if I take him by his headphones and I don’t touch any sensor, he also puts himself in petted mode by raising his leg.
I don’t understand why?

I’d suggest powering OFF EMO, then place him back onto his skateboard, normally once he is powered off and back on he should revert back to normal.

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I’ve noticed this too, and to me it looks like he goes into his ‘running code’ mode. Sometimes this does seem to last a while, I typically put him back on his board, and he tends to go back to normal and starts charging.

That little bit of jagged lines near his right eye, look to be the last of the animation for the running code animation.


I notice this too, with the new petting animation. But it is more of a random thing, like randomly he works normally, and sometimes he doesn’t. The prior petting animation is fine.

Suggest trying this:

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I tried that. Like I said, it’s random