I finally got my EMO, YAY! He came with stickers. I don’t know exactly where I can place them without messing up his sensors. Anyone has pics of theirs to show?

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I also recieved my Emo today with those phosphorescent stickers.
I dont know how to put them on Emo and thé skateboard.

Does anyone know.
I was hoping it was to set up boundaries.

I only put this one on the skateboard for the moment


I actually put these around both my Emo’s play area instead because these stickers are a bit annoying when they’ve been on for some time, they tend to rub off because of the heat through Emo’s body (best not to put too much on Emo or the charger.

My first Emo (second pic) I had to send back (nothing to do with stickers) but his stickers were starting to get a bit rough looking and I wished I had never put them on him and the skateboard.


This evening i put those stickers on my Emo


i wish i still had my decals, i stuffed them up and threw away…