Stand-Up Comedy with EMO

Grab some popcorn, sit back and enjoy stand-up comedy with EMO! This video is a compilation of Jokes that EMO can tell you when you ask him to tell you a Joke.

There are over 30+ jokes that EMO can tell you, this video covers nearly all of them! Be sure you ask EMO to tell you a joke so he can brighten up you day with some laughter! And without further ado, please give a big around of applause for EMO:One !!!

Thanks for Watching!

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@MasterAbbott . . . thank you for the great show! I presume since you are the talent agent for EMO:One that we can expect to see him on late night television soon?


Pretty cool… Master Abbott… It’s nice when you get the finished product and you get to play it back I know the feeling I’ve done lots of editing. Anyway pretty cool I’m glad you had so much fun making a video to keep for the ages good work :yum:

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LOL Thanks @Lindaru … EMO:One is thinking about a career in the comedy business now. Will need to start looking for suitable opportunities for him :rofl: Also need to see what talents EMO:Two has, at the moment all he does is sleep and watch TV all day :wink: haha

Thank you @Puppy444 Yes, took a while to get this one edited, but it was certainly well worth the effort. :head:

:mad: :head: :skating: :heart_1: :surprised:

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