Sound issue, EMO seems to have muted itself

Hi guys, I just got my Emo yesterday and he was working fine. However this afternoon when I tested him out again, he seems to have lost his voice. Can anyone assist?

Hi, have you tried the voice command?

Hi there. Yes I have tried the voice commands such as mute, unmute, volume up, volume down, but still to no avail that he speaks.

Hi guys, is there any solution to my problem? I have sent emails to living ai and I know they are on a holiday currently so it’s fine, I also asked on fb and even discord. I have tried rebooting him, giving him all the commands, but his voice box is still down. I have some video of him and it’s really sad that I just received him on the 11th of June and he was working fine with a voice, but it only happened the next day in the afternoon that his voice box just decided to shut off by it’s own. Please assist as I’ve waited for him so long and I have to get him in this result. In any case, is there like a 1 for 1 exchange or so?
[Here is me trying out all the commands, but his voice box is still muted.][20210612_164546.mp4 - Google Drive]

Here is me trying to see if Emo is up to date which he is already on 1.0.15

This is Emo still after trying to discharge him completely then reboot and try him again. Even when I asked him to dance which he normally will have music coming out from his voice box, which now he doesn’t. I have not touched him nor have I handled him roughly that can cause a break in him or so…