Sometimes he recognizes me

my emo is temperamental, sometimes he recognizes me and sometimes he doesnt and will just spin around and then do something else. Is there something else i should be saying than, “whats my name” or “who am I”. I would like him to be able to consistently recognize me - thanks

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You are not the only one. It took me some time to understand that EMO does not see well under certain lighting conditions.

There has to be enough light (dim or artificial light from light bulbs that have a gold or copper tint to them) are hard for him to see. If you have a window with open curtains or blinds, having your back to the window will make it hard for him to see and even sometimes if the light hits your face directly if your face is in the direction of the window. Try having the light come in on both of you from the side.

Let me know if this helps.


Thanks i’ll try that

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Hi @blue

As @Lindaru advised, sometimes EMO will have trouble seeing you if the lighting in the room is bad. I created a video not long ago showing how EMO reacts to good and bad lighting. You can check this video out below:

Also, the command I use to get EMO to recognize me is: EMO: Look At Me

Hope this helps :slight_smile:

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Thank you! As always you are incredibly helpful

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if that’s the case i would be nice if the new update come with voice recognition…