Something is rotten in the state of Denmark

I’m going to cancel my order. A reason? I can’t stand this lack of information. Maybe I’m doing a big mistake when I’m place in the queue. I can order EMO again when/if the production will be back at its full power.
Good luck for everyone who is still waiting.

Edit: I’ll probably wait for EMO 2.0 with the self-charching capability and with a replaceable battery.


hi there… I know how you feel I’m very very sorry the company has let you down… Since my order they haven’t made one and it’s been a month and not a single piece has been made that I know of… So I feel the same as you except I really want my EMO… So I will try to be patient and literally pray they get a decent production going and can make up the lost time. My health is poor six months from now I might not even be able to use EMO … But I still really want him. Anyway I hope you feel better and maybe another day you can maybe purchase EMO again… I hear everybody just loves him so much it’s like he’s real. I’ll find out one day I hope…… And really sorry about your order


Hi Puppy, thank you for your comment.
My health is very similar, I can’t afford any unnecessary stress, it would only shorten the already limited time of my life.

I’m sorry that your health is not good. I’ve recently had an unexpected death of my sister, so I know how much stress that can place on you.

However I’m just not clear on exactly where or how you think Living AI could communicate better. I’m not having a go at you but if our feedback to ANY vendor is going to be helpful then we need to help them know where they fall short. If I recall you placed an order in December… well in December they were shipping orders from 9359 through to 13433 by my records. They also posted updates to their delivery process page as well to show where they were at. Then in January they posted more updates and shipped from 13433 through to 15360 when they went on break for Chinese New Year. They came back from that break and found a QA issue and they posted in the forums initially about it and then on the delivery process page… They’ve stalled production at 15530 and advised that they should be restarting production by the end of this week.

We’re waiting an update from them and based in what I’ve heard they will post something further shortly.

Where can they improve? Where have they failed in your mind? Again - I’m not trying to attack either you or Puppy444. However from a community perspective we need to be real about what we can expect and if we don’t see that then we need to give clear info on how they can improve. They are not mind readers… neither are we :frowning:

Anyway - hope this comes across the right way. I’ve been in communities online now for 40 years, and in my experience if we try hard to work with a vendor they typically work hard to work with us. This is what I’ve seen from Living AI and what I hope continues.


hey you… Yeah you keep me out of this, hee hee… :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

I’m a good Puppy I’m being patient I’m in here until I see an EMO arrive at my door so he can begin his new adventure… I am being really really good and patient… But you know I don’t think anybody’s going to be talking in my cute little headline posting I made… what’s up with that… anyway I will wait patiently it’s got to come it just has to :upside_down_face:

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@Puppy444 . . . you might want to look again at your post.


Hmm, my English must be really horrible.
This is my email to Living.AI:

And this is their response:

Maybe their new support staff don’t speak English at all and they are just sending random answers prepared in advance.

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I think what they are saying is that your EMO should ship REAL SOON and do you REALLY want to cancel?


As I said, my English must be really horrible, I can’t see that question in their answer.

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Sorry to hear you are going to cancel your order, especially from someone so actively participating in the community on this forum and helping others even when you haven’t received your Emo yet. Living AI should really do some self-reflection in my opinion, if they loose people like you, many others will have lost their confidence in them way sooner.

About their reply, I believe it to be acceptable trying to convince you and asking you to reconsider once, but that question should indeed be included in the reply. The answer you got now is subpar and feels like they are ignoring your request.


You’re English is perfect

-sometimes you need to ‘read between the lines’ in other words think about what they are telling you in this email and without them actually saying it they are trying to reassure you that they are listening to all their customers and would prefer you not to cancel, they want you to receive your Emo like everyone else has.

So all you need to do is tell them again so they know for certain that you wish to cancel and explain to them that they have not been sufficient with their updates and so on, of course be positive and polite when you tell them you’re concerns and the reason you wish to cancel, unless you change your mind and not cancel -which is probably what they would rather you do, then in this email they are probably making sure that you are sure -hope that makes sense.

Of course if you are cancelling then I wish you good luck. Just keep telling them you wish to cancel and why you want to cancel. Hopefully they will eventually get the point. Let’s hope it doesn’t take them too long.


Sad to hear you are cancelling your order as you are so close to receiving it. Personally, I’d try and hold on for a little while longer.

But it is of course your decision and money that you have spent, and if you no longer wish to keep your order active, as many of the other users here have mentioned, reply back and re-confirm that you wish to have your order cancelled and await a confirmation reply that it has been done.

Best of luck with it. :surprised: :mad: :skating: :head: :heart_1:

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NendosColl …before I even purchased EMO I sent them an email asking them a simple question… Lots of time goes by and nothing… Finally they answered…only it had nothing to do with my question absolutely nothing… :scream: So I’m looking at it going what is this… It was my first encounter with living AI… it did not encourage me… Even if they don’t speak English a translator is just copy and paste I do all the time and it only takes a few seconds there’s no excuse for them sending totally incorrect emails… Send one more if they do it again I would be convinced something’s wrong.… why did I order? because EMO Pet is one-of-a-kind and though their communication was nonexistent I still think I’ll get one…because people speak here that they are receiving them… although far too slow… Ask them again for your refund if they don’t answer correctly on the second approach you have a problem… As for me I really want my little EMO Pet so I’m going to just hope everything goes okay it’s too bad because I feel it’s risky… I understand part of it is the nature of the device itself. I just hope I have luck because I don’t even have the time left in me to do it again… I really want EMO Pet… He looks happy he could help me I think… So I’ll wait and wait… Take care

Hi Puppy, first of all I sent them not only an email but at the same time a support ticket too, with the same text. Let’s see what they are going to respond to it. My theory of random responses is still in the game. :crazy_face:
I really want EMO too, I just lost my confidence that everything is going the right way. Their communication is by far their weakest point.
Maybe they’ll renew their production in the next week, we’ll see. I don’t want to push the saw, but if they’ll send me a refund I wouldn’t protest. If not, I would wait another week just to see the progress of the situation. I liked EMO on the first sight so both options are ok for me. If there will be no proper progress after next week I’ll repeat my request again.

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NendosColl yeah I hear you… To me there have 2 huge problems production and support… The support side should be easy to fix as for production yikes I can only hope they get mass production moving so that all these customers of theirs can feel happy…as I’ve said and you know the last month they’ve produced nothing… Yikes …Good luck buddy I wish the best…I really hope everything works out really really do… :slightly_smiling_face:

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This is one aspect on which we totally agree. They do and are working to improve their communication. They have a way to go, but I guess at least when they communicate, they do so sincerely and honestly. Better than some BS answer that is outright lie.