Some suggestion(Deep sleep mode)

Hi everyone, got my EMO for couple days, really love him but here are some advice(Pardon for my English if there is too many grammar mistake or sth hhhha).

  1. Hope there is a deep sleep mode which EMO make no sound and no light but the alarm clock can still goes off and maybe u call him he woke up and still respond. I love EMO but he make way too more sound and light at night, but if I turn him off the alarm clock won’t work.
  2. Hope the timer can set more than 10 seconds, I was preparing my presentation and want EMO to set a 10 mins timer but he can’t (or maybe it’s my accent or what).
  3. Hope EMO can say the time and weather out loud when I ask him. Sometimes he is too far for me to read the small number on his face. And also the weather should include the temperature.
  4. Hope EMO can respond to “I love you.” I say that all the time but he can’t understand it make me sad hhhha.
  5. About EMO app, I love the background music but I hope it can be automatically turned off when open the app, otherwise I have to turn it off manually every time(and the mute button is so small).
  6. Hope I can control most of the voice command of EMO through the EMO app. I don’t know it’s my accent or network, but EMO can only understand like 80% of my voice command.
    Really love ur company and if you get something new would definitely buy it and support u guys.
    Best regards

Hi there,
The timer as far as i know can set up to 90 sec. max only…wish also that we can set it to any minutes…

Enjoy your EMO…best regards and keep safe…


I really hope there is the deep sleep mode since I can’t sleep with sound…

There should be something like Do Not Disturb mode on phones with settings in his app.

I also think it would be cool to have another option for EMOs voice. Probably not very likely but I would LOVE to have EMO with a low voice. A voice like AUTO from “WALL-E” something more robotic you could say. I hope they can maybe see this

In that case I would like to have a possibility to switch EMO’s voice to a clearly understandable mode. It’s nice that his voice is cute but I prefer to be able to understand what he says.