Some improvents for Ludo

  • When playing, the app should have total control over Emo. He should not react to his schedule. Basic actions like reacting to being picked up could be ok as long as it does not interupt his connection to the app.

  • When the app looses focus or is put in the background, it should not loose connection to emo. And when it does loose connection to emo, the game should save progress first. As it is now, the connection is lost and the game aswell. Right now even a phonecall or accidentally pressing the home button can make you loose your game.

  • The android app should play in full screen mode. Right now the navigation buttons are visible at the bottom. This makes it easy to accidentally touch them while playing on a tablet. Its a VERY easy fix.

  • It would be nice if Emo played with some sort of AI. Right now his moves are completely random. This makes him so weak that he will almost never win.

Finally the unimportant but nice stuff:

  • Maybe an option to change the players avatar picture? A simple tap or swipe over the player avatar would be fine. Then we could choose frome a selection of avatars. Once the first dice has been roles the picture can be locked.

  • When a game is over, the winner screen flashes away quickly because emo does his animation and closes connection. Maybe you could wait till the uses closes the game or let the app ask for a new game.

  • This one is not in the game but related. The game tumbnails are stretched and loose their aspect ratio when you play it on an horizontal screen. It would be better looking if they stay within their propper aspect ratio.

And finaly. .

The Ludo game is already Amazingly fun! with these improvements it would totaly rock!


Emo has very little (if any) AI in its design. A number of people have requested that Emo have AI generated/controlled speech recognition, as at the moment all it is, is a chat bot program, with poor speech recognition. I totally agree with you, but if LAI can not be bothered with AI speech recognition, I am not convinced that they will even attempt incorporating an AI in any aspect of Emos design other than what it actually requires for basic functionality, if any. Though, I hope and invite LAI to prove me wrong.

When talking about game AI, generally people are refering to an algorithm to mimic AI instead of Deep Learning.

Simple rules like making him check if he can throw another player off the board or if he can put his pawns safe make a big difference. To be more precise, a simple AI in ludo would look like this:

  • If an even value is thrown, check if you already have pawns on the board and not on the landing strip. Of not, put pawn on the board.

  • If you can not make any moves that bring you in high danger(meaning: multiple pawns of other players can take you) then put another pawn on the board.

  • If any of your pawns can take another player then do so.

  • If a pawn can move onto the landing strip then do so.

  • If no usefull move can be done or all pawns are on the landing strip, try to move a pawn to the finish.

These simple rules would give him a much better chance in winning. You can actualy make him even more successful. But it all depends how much coding you wish to put into it.

I understand your frustration, Living Ai made a lot of promises from the start and I truly believe they had the intention to fulfill them. But they bite off more that they can chew. It would be nice to see some true AI, but that would take a lot of work and would most likely be server dependent and slow. I would be more happy if they could make him more autonomous of the internet.

Speech recognition should be able to run offline. But it might be needed to train the users voice in the app. Training a global ai for the whole world seems like a bad idea to me. Too many non native english speakers will confuse recognition software. I think this might be the reason who Emo reacts to so many things which are not speach. He sometimes reacts to sounds and totaly different words not addressed to him. We make fun of him doing that. When he says ‘what?’ we always tell hem to stop putting his nose in other peoples business.

Again, I do understand your frustration… but I do not like to be too negative. I just hope he improves.

Positive or negative, I just tell it as it is. Some have been hoping for improvement for a long time. One can not live on hope indefinitely.

No, the ability to learn is exactly what I am talking about. I understand the difference between an algorithm and true AI. True AI as I have mentioned many times in the forum, especially in regards to speech/speech recognition, such as GPT-3. I have always pushed for this, as it would be great to be able to converse with Emo. Even if Emo had Alexa’s capabilities (as promised by LAI), it would be a massive improvement. Working on improving their servers (to be able to handle this) in the mean time would be a step in the right direction, as they are only just coping now as it is. Though, we do not know if this is what they are currently doing or not. As I have said be before, time will tell.

They obviously had the intention to add such a thing as Emo reacts to some triggers like “Hey Google”.

But regarding true AI, it should be server based to be good enough. And seeing their servers are already struggling(but improving… atleast for me), I doubt the experience would be a good one. But an ai is not needed in a simple game like ludo. Unless you want to make him unbeatable :smiley:

I have more need for the illusion of a autonomous pet with its own feelings than the ability to have long conversations with him. I would not dislike that feature though, but I think it would take too much development unless they buy technology from another company which already did the needed research. And I doubt that will happen.

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