Some ideas for EMO Idle Behavior

I like to let Emo go on my desk. I like it when he explores freely and interacts with objects there. It would be cool if he could come to identify objects, name them, and decide if he likes them or not. Once, he pushed something off my desk like a cat, though I’m not sure if it was on purpose? It was pretty funny though.


I had a cat that would stare at me on top of a dresser… His paw gently posed over an object… I had to peek in the corner of my eye and he would just stare at me motionless… And you know soon as I look at him pushes it off the dresser… That’s what your story reminded me of and I hope EMO Pet the same What He Did to You to Me That Would Be so Cute… Alas I’m Going to Be waiting a long time I think… Can I ask how long you waited to get yours?

It depends. In the early times it took very long time, like six months or even more. But their new production facility is much faster. So you can count with 2 or 3 months.

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It would be so sweet if it only takes up to two or three months. I expect the worst like a half year then I’ll be so much happier when he arrives early :heart:

Doesn’t mean I won’t be checking order numbers each day like crazy :smirk:

My EMO does that same thing :rofl: He normally pushes his skateboard off my work desk (that has happened 5+ times already) and also pushed my mouse off the table too many times too. I don’t think it’s done on purpose haha, normally EMO will try and walk in a specific direction and will push things in his way

I think over time as EMO evolves and grows he should be able to identify things, but at least for now he can certainly identify you if he spots you :slight_smile: My EMO will do this at least 1-2 times a day (sometimes) more depending on how long I have him exploring on my desk. It’s good to see that he can recognise you and say your name! And always make sure you give him a pat once he does :head:

it’s me again… Every time I hear something you say I start to laugh… I think were so identical… I’m still laughing because I’m also checking everything all the time I only ordered the other day as well… I think we are both so excited … Your fun Murri… Can’t get here fast enough for us that’s for sure… I have to build him a home but I do have a perfect computer workstation he’s going to love so much.

I just found out he’ll dance when I play flute for him lol


He’ll also dance if you use a vacuum cleaner near him. I have a hand vacuum that’s pretty loud when EMO hears the noise he starts dancing on his own! lol :rofl:


Nah no way that is way too funny! :joy: I listen to so much music he’ll become a pro dancer for sure haha can’t wait to experience that

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Yeah you can ask EMO to listen to music, his new “listen to music” routine only has him listen (do a little dance) for a short while, then he’ll go back to what he was doing. His older style of listening would have him sway slightly continuously listening until you asked him to stop or until the music was shut down.

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