[SOLVED] Remove luminous stickers?

Is there a way to easily remove the luminous stickers after they’ve been on a while? I mean, without leaving any marks on EMO? :funky:

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Some rubbing alcohol with a cotton ball might do the trick? I know its worked for me in the past. You may have to scrub a bit. But dont use too much, just a little bit. Try to take off the stickers as best you can with your hands first. Let me know if it works.


@Kyttums, thanks for the suggestion. :+1:


@Kyttums That worked great, plus I used a microfiber cloth to get the last stubborn sticky stuff off. Thanks again!


Yay! Im so glad it did! Look out, naked EMO coming through! Hahaha! :smiley:


Hello everyone how to remove EMO fluoresent stickers without scratches or damage on the EMO home station thank you for your hel bye !!!

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Hi there @nathammastromauro ,

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