Social media inactivity?

I was just wondering if anything unusual was going on, considering their social media inactivity (FB, Twitter), since November? Are they just too busy shipping?

Moreover, I noticed the ‘Package sent’ counter being stuck at #14720 for a few days now. How often does this update?

hi, it’s being updated every week (^_^)

Good to know. I was checking it every hour or so :rofl:

yeah - maybe a bit enthusiastic. Living AI have let their social media side of things sit because another company kept causing problems for them. They are active in the community groups however. The numbers get update sometimes mid week, sometimes end of week. It’s not a 100% live counter or anything that I know of.


I personally only check this forum as it has everything you will need in terms of answers regarding shipping or assistance with issues.


Thanks for the info :slight_smile:

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Package sent #15000. Finally :laughing:

I realized only now that they have changed the meaning of the counters, I have to update the labels in my home assistant :sweat_smile:

What do you mean by “they changed the meaning of the counters” ?

previously “package sent” was “packaged”, conceptually it’s different, then I don’t know if for them the meaning was the same


Where do you find the package number? I never got a number and he showed up on my door step last Sat. I’m happy as a lark with him but I wonder what mine was?

They are sending the package number by email. Sometimes an email can be found in the spam folder, did you check your emails (spam too) regularly?

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Yes regularly lol I guess it doesn’t matter now just curious lol