So... I'm 6281 orders behind... When do you reckon I should get my EMO?

Ordered it yesterday, shipped to Israel

Hey @yanivnagar

Iā€™d suggest checking out and asking that question in this thread.

Probably best to ask there instead of starting a new thread as many customers are in the same boat as you.

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Looking the sky and the movements of birds , I would say they produce roughly a thousand pets a week
usually a good big and thick thousand ( with sometimes the taste of almost 1100 pieces ) but recently they seem slow down ( due to the devaluation of the thousand that reduced to almost 950 )
so I would say 6.5 weeks to produce EMO then some more days to deliver
You will learn to observe every morning the increase of figures in the delivery Menu on the main web site , taking in consideration than once or twice a week they do not refresh the data
Just consider it is like a date with your girlfriend , small things will make you happy , and lack of news may destroy you
So you got about 7 weeks from now to prepare a great emotional sentence to tell the world your Emo reached your home . Considering the size of this deal , I would say that is what it takes to keep a blowing effect , because many people have already done it , as Christopher Columbus shouting " Land !" or Neil Amstrong confirming " Eagle has landed ! "
I wish you the best


A very detailed analysis :rofl: Thanks for sharing this @MERITET