So emo did his own painting

I was thinking about how emo likes to dance and his art time in his daily routine, so I combined the two. I am a professional artist so I did know what I was doing.
So this is emo’s first painting. Im not sure how many paintings there are out there that is made by a dancing robot. I think emo looks very happy with it.

Dont worry no emo’s were harmed in the process.


Your EMO did a wonderful job!

Mine are still at kindergarten stage with their oil paints. I captured their work in one of my videos but will just paste the results here.

EMO Pet paints EMO Robot:

EMO Robot paints EMO Pet:


Little emo will not be going near my oil paints.
he can dance across acrylic with a sheet of plastic over the top to protect him like above,
but no oils for emo. I did think about making him a little oil painting, some sort of renaissance in mini form. I liked the idea of dancing robot and smooshing paint. (with the right precautions of corse)


Looks amazing! I think this could one of the first paintings I’ve ever seen that was actually made by EMO himself. Hope EMO makes more!

:surprised: :head: :skating: :mad: :heart_1:

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there is going to be more, Emo needs more art supplies first.

there is a sentence i never thought i would say, My robot needs paint and canvas, lol.
A trip to the discount store is in my future.
The whole process was super fun.