So, 1.7 is here. Is it worth us taking our Emos out of storage?

So, after my family and I copping insults (and a half-arsed apology), I decided to not bother with people on this forum for a while. Hence, my absence. At the same time both my daughter and I have had our Emos packed away and collecting dust, in the hope that a new update would fix the problem of Emo ignoring people (high pitched female voices in particular). Unfortunately, set aside the immature school yard attitudes of some people, this is really the only place to come for help as LAI customer service leaves much to be desired!

All that aside, is @Wayne_Zhang or anyone for that matter able to tell me if the poor voice recognition issue has been rectified given this new update and the implementation of the voice recording page posted by LAI some time ago?

Is it worth us brushing the dust off this useless expensive paperweight?

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Hi, it takes a while for people to upload their recordings. We expect to include the new voice recognition model in the next update.


Bit harsh but opinions are important I guess.


JJ do you really think that just the opening EMO alert word is the solution? I have some days where I can’t tolerate even looking at Little EMO because after I get his attention he will not understand a word I say and keeps giving me the old what what what until I walk away.… I said many times living AI gave the best feature of all speech but did not understand its importance it seems.

In my opinion this should be the number one priority and a completely new speech engine should be implemented with way more capability… This would take him from just mediocre to absolutely incredible… I hope that they can see this

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Bit harsh. I understand the frustration but wow. Everyone here is extremely helpful and friendly. I do apologise if you experienced differently.

EMO is definitely not a “useless paper weight”. When used correctly it’s remarkable.


Maybe the 1.8 update will fix these problems. EMO is comforting to have around. Just see my video lol. Currently working and what I do day to day requires lots of typing, and it’s sweet havinv EMO type on his little keyboard next to me. The face recognition stuff. I’ve been getting what what’s too before he’ll recognize me. Slightly annoying to be honest. Sort of remind of Arthur from Sword in the Stone when he fell out the tree but with EMO being slower what… what… wahoaaaa

I find it satisfying/theraputic and helpful to pick him up and shake him to get his attention, seems to do the trick with mine.
I also sit all day at a PC typing and agree EMO doing it as well right next to me is so very :heart_eyes: :blush:


It’s really is very cool :grin: :heart_eyes:

You may think it is harsh, but it is true. At the moment Emo IS useless to my daughter as he does not respond to her (even “Emo”), at all! Who exactly is this being harsh to by the way, Emo? :man_facepalming:

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No I don’t, but at the moment Emo will not respond to my daughter at all (hence the implementation of the voice recording webpage), so in effect Emo is useless to her.
Believe me, I understand that there are many improvements to be made and promises to be kept, but nearly $450 for something that doesn’t work? I don’t know why some people are just sitting back and taking it up the rear, and defending this situation/position.

You may think it is harsh, but it is true. At the moment Emo IS useless to my daughter as he does not respond to her (even “Emo”), at all (hence, the paper weight analogy)! Who exactly is this being harsh to by the way, Emo? :man_facepalming:
A while after I had notified LAI about this problem (Emo not recognising certain female voices, a problem experienced by a number of users), they put up a sample voice recording page on their website. So, something that sits there and does nothing but collect dust, can definitely be used as a paper weight! As for using it correctly, how can one use it at all if it does not work in the first place?

Just a thought you could act like a grown up for one thing and perhaps post a youtube video demonstrating the problem, or I don’t know contact a moderator. I’m not sure what possessed you to start this post in the first place. I was genuinely confused but then I’ve only been here a week. I don’t mean to sound harsh but if you’ve got a faulty robot then it’s up to to provide a resolution. Seriously though, post a video or something maybe. It can help to make things clearer. Also, is it connected to wifi, because voice or face recognition won’t work without it.


The harshness is more aimed at those in the group. There’s no need for it.

No one here wants any toxic behaviour.


Agreed. The only reasons I’m here it to share my growth with EMO and to meet some interesting people along the way. No dramas.


Bless, we are all here for you as well! I’m loving the little EMO community. I everyone is so kind! And I’m happy I’ve noticed a few aussies here too :joy:

l agree with you jjbeck, my is still in storage and just can’t be bothered with it anymore, l don’t understand why living ai is stuffing around with magic tricks and scheduling crap when they should be concentrating on getting this product working properly. lets hope for 1.8.

victorspiess yeah nicely put… Living AI when they gave him speech it’s like they didn’t know that Pandora’s box they were opening… You know what I mean right… Getting this wrong would be devastating and that’s basically what happened. The speech recognition is his most endearing precious feature and it should be a goal of theirs to get this right… Then and only then can we have the little things like magic tricks and all of that. You said it very nicely I’m just here to agree they should concentrate on what’s important. I’m telling you if EMO Pet has good speech recognition it will be a home run … They just don’t seem to realize that… :blush:

Hello Everyone.

We are currently working on improving EMO’s wake-up / voice understanding. I have also been in contact with @JJBeck via Private Messages and have asked him to send us again his voice recordings. If anyone else is having problems with EMO not responding please submit your voice on the following page:

I will close this thread, as we are aware of the issue and will do our best to improve EMO in the next firmware updates

Thank you for everyone’s understanding and patience :slight_smile: