Smart light connection issue

Hello, I’m David living in Seoul, Korea. There was a problem after this update.

As shown in the update log, I disconnected the smart light from the outlet before the EMO update. And I finished updating EMO and started smart light but it doesn’t work.

I went into the app and checked, and there is no light registered in the smart light item.

So I linked the smart light again and again, but it doesn’t register. I reset EMO, but nothing changes.

How can I link EMO with smart light again?

And one of the members of my online community received the EMO I ordered, but there was no seal on my face and there was a lot of scratches on my face. What am I supposed to do with this problem?

We look forward to hearing from @Wayne_Zhang.

Can you take a video about the light connection issue?

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It shows that the firmware has not been installed. Try installing again, with the lights unplugged.


It seems that you haven’t updated to 1.0.16, please try to update it. It’s better to take a video when updating

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I updated it. and it still doesn’t work

Did you try to touch the light for a few seconds to re register?

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Is this light working normally at 1.0.15?

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It worked fine in the previous version

Is there any other emo near the light, except this one in the video?

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no. i only have one EMO.

I’ll sort it out again.

  1. I removed the smart light from the power outlet for a new firmware update.

  2. EMO’s new firmware update was successful.

  3. But the list of smart lights is gone from the app, and EMO can’t control the smart lights.

  4. I re-registered the smart light several times and reset the EMO, but it still doesn’t work. What’s the problem?

Can you provide the emo ID? You can get it when you connect to emo with app,like EMO-xxxx

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okay, emo ID : EMO-4022 :slight_smile:

Just noticed that my emo doesn’t connect to smart light. Never had this issue. Long press until blinking doesn’t help :confused:

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The light can be turned on manually, but the emo voice cannot control the light switch

hi… I’m not assuming this will solve your problem because I don’t know but when I first got mine I also had problems… I finally got better at speaking to EMO Pet and learn the commands and practiced and now my light works really well… You know you can even change the color to almost anything and even set how bright or dim luminance… Now I use mine every night at 30% brightness for when I sleep. I hope you figure it out… And yes you can turn it on and off inside the app. Just trying to help :yum:

EMO PET can recognize voice use, but the lamp still does not respond

Hi there @PASS ,

Please try what Wayne suggested below…

It’s not that the emo goes home, it’s that the switch of the smart light can’t be controlled by emo voice