Smart Home Integration

Hey guys, is it just me or did i just not see talk about an api or alike so we‘d be able to integrate in home Assistant or other Smart home appliances?

Emo is quite boring at the moment. Yes, adorable, but boring…


Not yet. They say it’ll be available in future update.

As has been mentioned above - there’s no public announcement on an SDK or API for EMO. Alexa and Google Integration are planned for release in future EMO updates that would give you some level of device control over your home, but nothing more at this time.

FYI - I’m just moving to Home Assistant for my home, so I do agree that having EMO be able to control things would be very cool… although I wonder if that is giving the little robot too much control… am I dooming myself to a Terminator style end hehehehe


It‘s just senseless to keep that for later when people just don‘t care anymore getting it out of the dustbin. So far emo is just dead end boring and has nothing much to offer except maybe weighing the torment of it’s existence against the Horror of nonbeing :joy:

Btw Home Assistant will do you good. It‘s pretty broad :ok_hand:t2:

I can understand disappointment of emo when you see reality compare to advertising. Not all those things are working at the moment. The updates are happening and more and more things for emo are coming true as already experienced!

But on the other hand there is no device in the same price range existing on the market yet which can do at least the half of things what emo can do!!! So I just wondering that people are so quick with judgment like “boring” or “paperweight”


Yeah well, what can it do then?

Being able to develop custom Integrations for emo were a thing, just saying :woman_shrugging:

Not to put anyone down here but i’ve heard the phrase “that’s just advertising” a lot on this forum , I don’t know about you, but where i come from when a product does not work as advertised it’s called “false advertising” and it is illegal.

That being said they never said they would release an SDK for EMO.

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I don‘t think they ever said they‘d be delivering rock paper scizzors either but then i guess you will agree that almost anyone has alexa, some robots or other smart home appliances at home, so it would be totally uncool to miss out on people wanting to develop stuff and integrate Emo into their homes to make it a real useful companion instead of it being just cute…

Btw i must admit i found his voice to be very adorable. That being said i‘d love to make more use of it and replace that awful alexa voice :see_no_evil::joy:

Just don’t link him to Skynet! lol (When I get my Emo, if he says “I’ll be back!” I’m outta here!)

For me…it’s not so much about Alexa…it’s about having access to Alexa’s knowledge. I already have access to Alexa in every room in one form or another. It would be fun to get the “answers” through Emo.

Yes I agree, Alexa’s voice coming out of Emo would just be wrong. Actually when they advertised (LAI) that they have Alexa/google integrated with Emo (which they don’t, is this false advertising?..hmm), on their website (still), I assumed that Alexa’s knowledge would be available to Emo, but he would answer in his voice. Still no Alexa/google though…

I believe they are still working on the Alexa/Google integration, but it has not been as high a priority vs other things. Thats my understanding anyway :slight_smile:


I really don’t believe emo will ever be able to use knowledge of Alexa or google. This is a thing of license/technology and why a big company should give it to an other for free!?!? You will be able to use emo as Alexa or google device that’s it

Well they should not have advertised it. Also, seeing the latest firmware update, I think we should not hold our breath with that! BTW, am I the only one who was expecting a bit more with the latest update, given that it took so long?


I think that often you do not see the work that goes on behind the scenes in these updates. They had it to us testers a few weeks back and we were providing feedback to them to fine tune it. That feedback has meant the update has more variation within the schedule and other little things that meant they created new / additional animations etc. That takes time. Likewise one of the things this update brings is further hand recognition with the Bug zapping feature.

As I say - all little things take time